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North American Missions Offering
March 20, 2019, 12:00 AM

Easter is just around the corner, it is now time to turn our attention to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions. Since 1895 Southern Baptists have supported a national offering for home missions. Every dollar given to this offering goes to support missionaries on the field.

Annie was born in 1850 in Baltimore, Maryland, and grew up with strong convictions about missions. Living in the city, she developed interest in African-Americans, immigrants, the sick and the poor. In 1888, Armstrong was elected corresponding secretary of the Woman's Missionary Union, an organization she helped found. She held this position until 1906 as she worked very hard to support the work of the WMU. Along the way she led it to be a major force for missions in the Southern Baptist Convention.              .

The national offering for home missions was initiated by the WMU as the "Week of Self-Denial for Home Missions." This week was intended to help women become more familiar with the needs of Southern Baptist missionaries in the United States. In 1934 the offering was named the "Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for Home Missions" in honor of Miss Annie.

In 1998 the offering was renamed to its current title and today it supports 5,200 missionaries in the United States, U. S. Territories and Canada. More than ONE BILLION dollars have been given to this offering during its 114-year history. It has supported thousands of missionaries who have evangelized the lost, ministered to the needs of millions of people and started thousands of Southern Baptist churches.

North American Mission Board has a goal for 2019 of $70 million. Our goal here at the Southern Baptist Church of Sullivan is $700.00.

Throughout the Scriptures God has personally called men and women to Himself in order to spread the good news of His salvation to people everywhere. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is a tremendous way for us to help carry that great message to a land and a people who desperately need to hear about a Savior who loves sinners so much He was willing to die for them. If we had the cure for cancer or any terrible diseases, we would certainly share it with everyone. With Christ, we truly have the cure for man's biggest problem-SIN.  Are we willing to do our part?