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May 19, 2018, 11:00 AM

GOSPEL - HUNGRY or GOSPEL – HARDENED?                                                                                       

I am convinced that the Lord will continue to bless this church if we remain HUNGRY to hear and obey His Word, the Bible. "Are we as Southern Baptists gospel ­hungry or gospel - harden­ed?" Missionaries have describe how in other countries of the world there are standing ­room only crowds in their churches (even on weeknight services!) while here in the United States, so many churches are closing their doors. Many others fail to see as much as one new convert a year. I wondered if America (or even the church, or the individual Christian) has lost their desire for the truth of the gospel and if the people of our land have had so much exposure to Christianity through our media and other sources that most Americans take the Bible for granted.

Although the signs of disinterest and disobed­ience are everywhere (even among Christians), in our culture today, it is good to know that where people truly seek and hunger after the word of God, the power and grace of God are in abundant supply to satisfy that hunger and meet their deepest need – the need for a Savior, Jesus Christ. No matter if the world turns their back on Him and refuses to look His way, if we, the church -- His bride -- continue to seek Him, love Him and serve Him, He will take care of us and protect us just like He said He would. Then we will see souls saved and lives changed like only God can do.  AMEN